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New Aromatic Gold - The new face of tradition

About Aromatic

In October 2005, Marico Bangladesh acquired the brand Aromatic from Aromatic Cosmetics Ltd.
The brand was re-launched as Aromatic Gold in October 2006 and having been on a steady growth path since then. It has natural and traditional ingredients and is available in four variants - Turmeric, Rose, Lemon and Neem.

Available in a modern and attractive packaging, the brand today stands for modern beauty
with traditional values.


The product is designed to represent the concept of balanced modernity. The products are a perfect
blend of time tested natural ingredients and milk cream.

Purifying Turmeric
The blend of turmeric and pure milk cream helps to enhance skin complexion.

Softening Rose
The Rose variant has all the natural goodness of rose water and milk cream, which makes your skin clean and fresh. Being a natural cleanser, rose water nourishes and protects your skin.

Refreshing Lemon
The astringent properties of lemon extracts act as a natural cleanser and toner for oily skin. Along with that, its fresh aroma helps to uplift the spirit and soothe the nerves.

Protective Neem
Aromatic Neem soap has the natural goodness of neem which protects the skin and maintains its natural complexion. The anti bacterial properties of neem keeps the skin clean and clear.