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Caivil Relaxer Range

Based on a gentle NO LYE, low irritation new and improved formulation that is not only an easy application but effective on the hair and gentle on the scalp, Caivil relaxers have
extra conditioning Mineral and Lanolin oils intended to protect your hair & scalp leaving hair straight, manageable and in a healthy condition. The oils protect scalp during processing hence low irritation. The oils also protect hair from over processing hence reduction of hair breakage.

Caivil Gold range consists of two relaxer strengths regular
and super. These effectively relax the hair and are gentle
on the scalp. This range is always banded with a deep action Neutrafix neutralizing shampoo which stops the action of the relaxer, therefore leaving hair soft and manageable. The Neutrafix neutralizing shampoo contains a colour indicator which indicates the presence of a relaxer in
hair that is not properly rinsed. When hair is properly rinsed with this shampoo, it is protected from over processing.

Directions for a retouch:
Protect hairline, behind ears and neck completely with Caivil Mend & Gro hair food. Part hair into 4 sections. Generously apply relaxer in sections generously apply relaxer in sections. Do not apply to scalp. Allow to process between 8-20 minutes depending on hair texture. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Apply a generous amount of Neutrafix neutralizing shampoo and work into a thick lather. Rinse well and repeat shampoo. If lather is still pink then repeat process until lather is white and water is clear. Towel
dry hair and apply Caivil Strengthening conditioner, rinse and towel dry hair and apply Really Soft &
Shiny Oil Moisturiser Spray or Moisturising lotion.